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Why are car wraps so expensive?

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What Do Car Wraps Cost? 

I get asked this question all the time by my clients, why are car wraps so expensive? The devil is in the details, I tell them. No that is a joke, I do not tell my clients that. I am very transparent, and I enjoy teaching my clients about the signage and wrap industry. Let us get into it, vinyl wraps is an exceptionally durable and versatile material. When it comes to car wraps you can conform them to any shape and size of any vehicle. This talent takes exceptional skill. Car wrapping is a very time-consuming art form, attention to detail is necessary. 

I know I know; you are not interested in the long-winded explanation of why car wrapping is so difficult or why only a few people can do it. Let me assure you that knowing what it takes to get a car wrap and the amount of time and detail one would have to spend, is unbelievably valuable knowledge. So let me walk you through the process of car wrapping. For you to get a wrap, a wrap shop would have to do an assessment or a survey of your vehicle and what your needs are. Once a wrap shop has determined what materials you will use, whether you will get a full wrap or a partial wrap a graphic wrap a color change vs a rally strip kit. This particularly vital information determines the cost. Ching! Yes, finally cost has been mentioned… 

The Process 

Prep time is vital every vehicle is different, a wrap shop will have to remove certain parts of a vehicle, like front and rear bumper, door handles, antennas, and sometimes entire doors. The vehicle must be cleaned of any dust and debris. By removing certain parts of the vehicle, a client must be mindful that this may void the manufacture warranty of the vehicle. Most shops do not inform the client of this information for fear of losing the client. These factors alone can make a car wrap installation job expensive. 

Car wraps, white work vehicle being prepped to get graphic vinyl wraps.

Color change wraps vs Graphic Vehicle Wraps 

There is a substantial difference between color change vehicle wraps and graphic wraps. The cost is significantly different also. The process is slightly different too. With graphic vehicle wraps, there are extra steps.  

Graphic Vehicle Wraps 

  1. You will need a graphic designer to design the graphics for your vehicle, most wrap shops have designers to do this if you have not established your own designer. This will be an itemized cost to you the consumer if you have no designs. Proofs will be sent to you to show you the progress of your design in a template format to show you how your design will look on your vehicle once approved. 

2. Once the design has been approved you move into the print phase. This is the process where the digital world (design,) meets the physical world (printed vinyl.) Once the image has been transferred onto the canvas of the vinyl materials, it must out-gas for 24 hours before you can add a UV laminate or install the materials. This is an old term now, most newer print machines out-gas and dry simultaneously within hours. 

3. The last and final phase of the graphic print process comes the installation. I have already explained to you the process before the installation takes place, prep time. The graphic wrap has a 3-step process as you can see. The cost associated with this process can vary depending on the vehicle, and the materials being used. 

Color Change Vehicle Wraps 

A color change wrap is straightforward you will just pick the finish and color of the materials and the wrap shop will install it on your vehicle. 

  1. Choosing a color or a finish, like chrome or velvet can become a little cumbersome. So many variations of vinyl to choose from. All vinyl is not created equally, determining how long you are expecting the materials to last on your car is important. Most high-end vinyl lasts between 3-5 years at a minimum.  

2. Color change is unique. You have so many options, you can do cool designs without using print. Two tone colors are a thing, rally strips are always cool. What I love the most about color change is, you will not have to report a change of color on your vehicle to the Department of Motor Vehicle. The reason behind this by law, vinyl is considered temporary and is nothing like paint; which is a permanent solution. 

Price Range of a Wrap 

A typical full color change wrap can start between 3,000$- 5,000$ and higher depending on what part of the United States you live in. Consumers must factor in the cost of materials and what type of vehicle you have. Bently vs Camry. There are a lot of liability issues a wrap shop owner must deal with if something goes wrong. So just because a person who drives a Camry paid less than you who drives a Bently does not mean you should get the same price. Liability also determines price. If you want to learn more about pricing read:The Complete Consumer Guide for Pricing Signage and Vinyl Wraps (2022) ( 

Final Say 

Pricing is part art and part science, there is no cooker cutter, one size fits all scenarios. There are a lot of variables when it comes to pricing vehicle wrap jobs. If you ever need help just reach out to us at, Home – DEW – Vinyl Installs and Signage .

Our Job is to help you navigate the signage and wrap industry. We pride ourselves on leading you in the right direction every time. If you are a small business owner and want to know about pricing signage, please feel free to contact us. I have one condition you must follow our blog. We can and will answer all your questions.  

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